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Dec 6, 2013 10:00am EST
how they became a technological giant. . . click the big pension fund that is not been shy -- >> the big pension fund that is not done shy. a link to the new town, connecticut school shooting. >> and disrupting the weight- loss industry with an app that does a lot more than count calories. click from bubble to bust to boom. any commerce giant has seen it all in silicon valley. we will show you ebay by the numbers. makers"watching "market everybody. it is 11:00 on a friday here in new york city. >> in just a few minutes we will break down the world of fitness. until then, we got to get to the newsfeed, the top business stories from around the world. we have not seen unemployment is low in five years. the economy has 200-3000 jobs added last month. -- 200 thousand three -- the economy has 200,000 jobs added last month. more than estimated. and hedge funds are headed for year for the s&p 500 since 2005. bloomberg crunched the numbers and found the average hedge fund return just over seven percent through the end of october. that is 22 percentage points less than the s&p 500 returns. it
Dec 9, 2013 10:00am EST
. many of these factors that have been suppressing wage growth -- think about technology and the global arbitrage. this is not a function of what happened in 2008. these factors have been influencing slow wage growth for a long time and will probably continue into 2014. what does modest mean when we talk about stock market in 2014? >> summer in the mid-to high single digits. he is a chief strategist here at black rock. it has been an amazing day. more importantly, how to invest in that kind of environment. anthat is an all-star to -- all-star lineup. we have more to talk about, not what is happening in new york but taking you down to the sea. enough to prevent another government shutdown? we will ask al hunt. that is coming up next on market makers. >> call it a not so grand bargain. negotiators on capitol hill are getting close to a deal on it a jet. it would reduce the automatic budget cuts called for by sequestration but it won't do anything about corporate tax breaks. i want to take us to washington and bring in al hunt. i guess i can't believe people are talking about the gr
Dec 10, 2013 10:00am EST
trucking company that had the technology. the truth is we're a technology company that has trucks. >> orion is a program 10 years in the making. its objective is to find the fastest, most fuel efficient way to get packages to your doorstep. >> with 120 deliveries on a driver, there's more ways to service those customers in a number of nano seconds it has been in existence. orion is looking at a trillion of things in four second. it will run 200,000 different alternatives and it's going to say here's the best way to deliver. >> each truck has over 200 sensors that monitor everything drivers do from turning on the vehicle to unloading boxes. all of that fed into the mathematical equation that prioritizes such variables as distance, time, traffic, and cost. >> our goal here wasn't that we would dramatically grow efficiency by doubling and tripling, it was trying to take a look at some small gains, but on our scale, small turns out to be rather significant. >> its culture of efficiency has a storied past. starting with the company's first delivery car, a model t ford in 1913. 11 years
Dec 5, 2013 10:00am EST
jordan on that list. this was a day to talk about issues, and obviously there is new technology making its way into the world of sneakers. 3-d printing technology, digital manufacturing is helping to change the look and feel of shoes. i asked him if he would be using these new shoes when he was expected to be playing for the first time since his injury on friday night. here's what he had to say. --i'll probably be able probably be wearing them. you're going to need to -- i did not hear all of the players and as you mentioned earlier, .ast year i got on the court i am thinking i should've been named in that. my skills were ridiculous. who did he name? >> bill russell, cream abdul kareem abdul- -- jabbar, magic, and larry bird. about beinghe talk a businessman? he said he doesn't want to get necessarily be a team owner. he is one of the first basketball players that win big in china. so many others have followed. if you want to be a business person after your playing career, that has to start for you and your link career. you interviewed mark ark or -- ofker, he does not go to all
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4